How To Organize MSDS

13 Mar

Most businesses have dozens, or even hundreds, of material safety data sheets (MSDS) in their facilities at any given time. The information contained in these sheets in essential to the well-being of your maintenance crew throughout a typical workday. An MSDS should accompany every chemical product your company buys. Check out MSDS solutions .

MSDS will feature the full name of the substance, a list of any toxic chemicals it contains, the proper methods for usage and disposal of the product, and any other vital facts. Additionally, the MSDS will tell precisely what to do if an accident involving the product occurs and will provide a 24-hour emergency phone your employees can call. MSDS are a crucial component of a safe, productive work environment.

All new employees should be required to closely read the MSDS for any chemicals they will need to use immediately after they are hired. This helps your workers to retain essential information about the products with which they are most likely to have a mishap.

MSDS are extremely important to your employees’ safety on a daily basis, so it is essential for them to be stored carefully. They should be organized according to a logical system and stored in an easy-to-see spot. Because there is no way to know when an emergency will arise, your workers may need to get a specific MSDS at any moment.

One excellent way to store and arrange MSDS is in specially designed binders. Generally, these binders are manufactured in bright hues so they are easy to see. Additionally, they are manufactured out of an incredibly durable type of plastic. You can organize these binders however you see fit. Many companies choose to arrange the sheets alphabetically or by the type of chemical. Another useful feature of MSDS binders is that they often have chains, so they cannot easily be moved from their designated location. The maintenance closet is often a good area for MSDS to be kept.

Once your MSDS binders are organized how you want them to be, it is important to offer a short training session for your workers, even those who are not employed in the maintenance department. In the seminar, explain how the MSDS binders are organized and remind your employees that these sheets are essential to workplace safety.

After your MSDS binders are arranged, you are not finished maintaining them. Annually, chemical manufacturers release an updated MSDS for every one of their products. You must make sure that your MSDS binders are update each year with the latest version of each sheet.

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